Chiropractic Wellness – Stabilizing Blood Pressure

By balancing natural systems within the body Chiropractic care has been found to help in stabilizing erratic blood pressure. This seems hard to believe from a practice which involves realigning the spinal bones, but, it is important to understand that by removing congestion in the central nervous system (CNS), this decreases physiological stress responses, which restores optimal function and healing.

There are many other health issues besides blood pressure problems which benefit considerably from spinal realignment. Any results are researched based, which proves that this is not just some new health hype – and Chiropractic practitioners have known this ass fact for a considerable length of time.

There have been consistently remarkable results achieved in assisting to stabilize blood pressure by means of Chiropractic care. So let’s go into this in a little more depth, shall we?

It is the central nervous system which helps the internal physiology of the body to adapt to stress situations externally. The CNS is protected by the skull and the spine, therefore when external stress is too much; this compromises the integrity of the structure of the spine, and results in subluxation.

Subluxation is interference in the nervous system, caused by the spinal bones being out of balance. Ongoing stress is akin to being in constant fight or flight mode, which increases inflammatory processes, the secretion of stress hormones and blood vessel tone. This in turn results in high blood pressure. So, external stressors compromise the spinal structure resulting in CNS interference.

Sympathetic (fight or flight) dominance results in higher blood pressure for many individuals. Chiropractic adjustment removes subluxation which in turn restores harmony to the CNS. This promotes stabilization and the ability of the body to heal itself appropriately.

During a 1988 double blind study of 75 patients – chiropractic care was found to help stabilize high blood pressure in patients. During the research one control group of patients with higher than normal blood pressure received adjustments to the thoracic and/or cervical spine. The second control group received placebo adjustments (manipulations which appeared be adjustments but were actually not). A third control group received no treatment at all.

Result showed that the control group receiving adjustments also experienced a decrease in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings; while changes were not noted in either the second control or placebo group. From these results it can be safely surmised that Chiropractic adjustment to spine is able to significantly lower high blood pressure.

Other studies at the University of Chicago hypertension center also suggest; that Chiropractic adjustments have the effect of treating the problem of high blood pressure in the same way in which two highly effective blood-pressure medications combined. The treatment is also found to be adverse-event free; in other words, no side-effects or other problems were encountered. Eight weeks into the study, twenty-five early-stage blood pressure patients showed notably lower blood pressure readings than twenty-five similar patients undergoing placebo chiropractic adjustment. Average drops in Systolic readings were 14mm Hg, while in Diastolic readings this was 8 mm Hg.

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