Chiropractic Wellness – Common Complaints and Symptoms

We recently identified common chiropractic complaints; at the time, we did not go into symptoms in any great detail. We would like to share more information regarding these conditions, which are grouped as ‘vertebral subluxation complex’. Relieving the subluxation by Chiropractic spinal alignment often offers excellent results.

More often than not, the following common ailments find their way to Chiropractic Healthcare practices:

  •      Neck/shoulder pain
  •      Headaches/migraine
  •      Lower back pain
  •      Scoliosis – Side-to-side curvature of the spine
  •      Poor posture
  •      Numbness/Tingling
  •      Low Energy/Fatigue
  •      Sports injury

Neck/Shoulder Pain

This condition generally affects working adults, and most typically when they are involved in a desk job. Desk and computer work as well as a sedentary lifestyle causes spinal dysfunction in many office workers. Symptoms may include, but are not limited to – joint and/or muscle stiffness, neck pain – which may even be associated with vertigo. Other common symptoms of neck and shoulder pain can be a tingling sensation and/or numbness which runs down the arms and into the fingers.


Headaches have many causes, symptoms and types – we find the famous migraine, cluster, tension and dehydration headaches as well as others. An often overlooked cause is the spinal bones in the neck and upper back being misaligned. These vertebrae being out of alignment affects both blood supply and nerve messaging to the head, causing headache. Spinal tissues which are irritated by mechanical restrictions can engender throbbing headaches. Aspirin or other medication may relieve pain but does not correct the underlying cause. Chiropractic care sometimes brings instant relief, in other patients this may take longer, dependent on the extent of the damage. However this treatment does promise drug-free results. Millions of headache patients enjoy this relief.

Lower Back Pain

This is the most common Chiropractic complaint – when even picking up something as light as a newspaper can cause pain. Contrary to popular belief, picking up heavy items is not the most obvious cause of damage or this pain – the common cause is everyday activity. They may not feel painful at the time, but micro-traumas build up and cause significant structural damage to the spine. These ongoing little irritations can cause a lot of trouble.

Scoliosis – Side-to-side Curvature of the Spine

This condition is most often first noticed in childhood. The spine should be straight when viewed from behind and people who suffer with this ailment present with a distinct ‘C’ or ‘S’ shaped curvature. Chiropractic alignment lets the spine develop normally by maintaining mobility of the joints. Correct care can prevent a worsening of the condition and even reduce its appearance. In this instance; prevention is definitely better than cure.

Poor Posture

Stand up straight – shoulders back – pull the tummy muscles in. It’s not always easy to permanently stand or sit in this way. Poor posture puts the spine out of balance – again unhealthy pressure is placed on the spinal tissue. Sports injuries, car accidents, birth trauma, stress, work accidents, and even standing, sleeping or walking, can result in an unaligned spine. The spine affects posture and vice versa, and often therefore good health.

Numbness and Tingling

These sensations or lack of sensation may be felt in the arms, legs, hand, feet, finger or toes. It is often caused by subluxated spinal bones, which cause pressure on nerves and blood supply. Symptoms such as this may progress to muscle weakness and pain.

Low Energy/Fatigue

This is a common Chiropractic complaint and is found in these offices, virtually every day. Poor posture again is often the culprit – it takes more physical and neurological energy to maintain a poor posture believe it or not? This then causes pressure on the nervous system and affects optimal body function and its ability to self-repair.

Sports Injury

Injury to soft tissue which includes muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints is an occupational hazard in the pursuit of sports perfection. These injuries might lead to chronic future health problems. The Chiropractic adjustment approach is a balanced approach to return normal mobility and function. Chiropractors may also help with better exercise strategies to reduce chances of further or future damage.

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