Chiropractic Adjustments Improve Immune Response

Spinal misalignments are what chiropractors treat best, and one of the most important concepts for this medical practice is the fact that the nervous system and the immune system appear to be hardwired. In other words both these response systems work together to optimally function, in order for the body to correctly heal and modify. It is for this reason that spinal misalignments are so stressful to the human body on every level, and are well know to cause various illness.

A chiropractic adjustment, or series of the same, re-aligns neural pathways and dysfunction; therefore it stands to reason that any abnormal changes in the immune system will also be realigned. Both systems become coordinated and there is growing evidence to suggest that the correction of subluxation helps regulate the immune response. Subluxation is the scientific term used to describe irritations and compressions in nerve pathways and control.

This physical stress on the neural system appears to affect lymphoid and immune function and has been found to be prevalent in inflammatory based illnesses; for example chronic illnesses such as depression, chronic infections, rheumatoid arthritis and cancers. This dysfunction is coined ‘neuro-endo-immune’ response, and rather interestingly researchers have also discovered that when thoracic adjustments take place, the white blood cell count in the same area as the adjustment increases significantly.

Dr. Ronald Pero, Ph.D. researched this phenomenon in great depth. In 1975 he was the head of research in cancer prevention at the Preventive Medicine Institute, and a Professor at New York University in Environmental Health. He was fascinated by the fact that there appeared to be specific high-risk links between lymphomas and lymphatic leukemias and spinal cord injuries. It was his strong belief that chiropractic care may be able to reduce the risk of immune related disease.

He found significant amounts of medical literature to support his argument, and began researching individual susceptibility and ways to estimate this in a scientifically well-founded way. There is a massive amount of this research available; where Pero and colleagues found that certain individuals were more susceptible to cancers and cancer inducing agents when they lacked specific DNA-repairing enzymes. It was his supposition that the less of these enzymes a body contained or could manufacture, limited their ability to resist other serious illness as an end result.

He conjectured that as the nervous system regulates the hormone balance, it also influenced out susceptibility to cancers. 107 individuals receiving long-term chiropractic care were measured and proved to have up to 200% better immune response than those not receiving the same care. The chiropractic patients also had twice this amount – 400% more immune competence than patients suffering from serious disease and cancer. He found no decline in immune response in comparison to age groups, and these DNA repairing enzymes were present in all 107 test subjects.

This researcher therefore concluded that whatever genetic ability we have to resist serious illness, chiropractic treatment may optimize. He also stated that he has never seen any other control groups demonstrate such huge percentages in immune competence over other ‘normal’ patients.

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