Chiropractic Wellness – Let’s Give Pause for Thought on a Raw Food Diet

When it comes to natural health and fitness, and we talk about chiropractic wellness principles, we are discussing an area of natural health care. This form of treatment works hand-in-hand with all types of other natural treatment methods on a holistic level. We thought you might like to talk about a raw food diet for example.

There are many reasons why people change their methods of medical care and use chiropractic treatment, and there are many reasons why they change their life-styles completely and change to a raw food diet. The one thing both of these changes nearly always have in common is health and wellness – sadly, often after having tried and lucked-out on virtually all medical options.

There are many inspiring stories of journeys to wellness which have come about by embracing a vegan lifestyle. Here we share a few rather startling insights into the reasons why people even started cooking their food, so … why a raw food diet?

Doctors of both health and chiropractic medicine are more often than not – thank goodness for us – health enthusiasts also. They want to help people regain their health in the most enthusiastic and natural way possible. Nutrition plays a massive role in health and wellness as many of us have found out, to either our detriment or benefit. Raw food has a special science behind it, and there is not a single one of us that does not know at the most basic level, raw food is good for us. Think of salads, fruit, (not apple pie a la mode), and the many raw vegetables that are really good for us to eat.

There are many presiding principles backing up the consumption of raw food, and the basis of these principles is grounded in the fact that raw food works for everyone. From little old ladies of 80 years-old, through to the very ill and even world-class athletes – their performance will improve. It works for any calorific intake and for people who just want to feel better as a whole. The reason why it works so well is because raw food is the perfect diet for our species, because it is species-specific.

It is hard to pin-point at which juncture in time the advent of baking a potato took place, but there are many assumptions as well as misinterpretations. Just because we have archaeological evidence of fire during Paleolithic times, does not mean we cooked our food, and the accuracy of claims on the reasons for humanity cooking are many as well as varied.

Volcanic activity and lightening cause fire – still does and did millions of years ago; just because someone’s goose got cooked a million years ago does not provide evidence of human cooking evolution nor origin. The evolution of humans cooking means knowing how to control fire – try rubbing a couple of sticks together to see what you can get; controlling fire is a really tall order even for the BBQ specialists of today.

Pyrotechnology and cooking probably did not coincide. The first evidence of cooking hearths date back to about 250,000 years, but the reasonable assumption is that controlled fire and cooking took place during the last Ice Age, and for very reasonable assumptions.

Many geneticists also assume that a species takes approximately 1 million years to adapt. Now reasonably speaking we have to also consider that the reason why a raw food diet makes us feel so well, is because, we, as a species, simply have not adapted genetically or on an evolutionary level to a cooked food diet. Bear in mind now also the chemical alterations which take place in a cooked food diet; and how this would take us as a species, even longer to adapt. Also bear further in mind that no other animal alive on this planet has purposely taken to a cooked food diet. We may be able to tolerate some foods to a certain extent, but the reason for health problems, obesity, diabetes and other illnesses becomes quite clear in the light of cooked food not being an optimal human species choice.

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