Chiropractic Wellness – Self Healing the Body; ROS Aging and Disease

The human body is an amazing piece of equipment, it also has an incredible ability to heal itself. In fact this is what the human body has been designed to best. This self healing ability is absolutely necessary as our bodies are in a constant struggle to survive – naturally, miraculously, it withstands many onslaughts and is able to regenerate damaged cells.

It is estimated that as many as 10,000 distinctive assaults from ROS (reactive oxygen species) or free radicals, takes place on each cell of the human body. Scientists believe this is an ongoing process and Chiropractic care has indicated that it is able to assist in stabilizing as well as enhance our self-healing ability.

In a study of 76 healthy individuals – qualified by sex, age and proper nutrition; higher serum thiol were seen in participants receiving Chiropractic care. Those participants who received this care for two years or more had higher levels of serum thiol than those generally associated with normal healthy individuals. The study was published in JVSR and consisted of three groups:

  • short-term chiropractic care
  • long-term chiropractic care
  • no chiropractic care

Serum thiols are naturally occurring sulfuric compounds within the human body, which are closely associated with healing as well as acting as powerful antioxidants. Scientifically speaking thiol serum is measured to accurately reflect the ability of DNA to repair itself. This also means the measure of aging and the status of disease; it is typical to find low levels of serum thiols in various categories of human disease. Thiols react with ROS to reduce oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress occurs when the amount of ROS outnumbers the anti-oxidants in the body. Scientists have also found that unchecked ROS damage is able to render one in three proteins dysfunctional, however all cells components are generally damaged by free radicals – this includes lipids, proteins and DNA.

Life puts us through the wringer somewhat, and we naturally experience chemical, physical and emotional stresses. Oxidative stress, and a lessening of the metabolically ability to generate serum thiols to neutralize free radicals, is now widely accepted as one of the ways in which we age (some more quickly than others), as well as develop disease.

All stresses affect the way the nervous system functions, and in turn it is hypothesized that disturbances in nerve function also generates oxidative stress; in turn this affects  DNA’s ability to repair itself and lipid/protein regeneration on a cellular level. The results of the JVSR study indicates that Chiropractic care seems to improve the body’s ability to adapt to stress and self-repair against free radical damage.

The CNS – central nervous system is the primary driver for all body function and healing. Nerve pathways or energy from brain to body, controls and coordinates 75 trillion cells! This is movement of information from the brain to every part of the body; or if you like big words, try this word on for size – proprioception.

Proprioception must be at optimal levels for the best possible brain – body function. When nerve pathways are blocked by the bones of the spine which are out of alignment, it seriously affects this flow of information. The flow of cortisol is also disrupted and this too affects the ability of the body to self-heal. There is scientific evidence that Chiropractic wellness in the form of alignment has an affect on all stresses in the body – including oxidative stress. Guess what girls and guys . . . Chiropractic care is by default, also a powerful form of anti-aging.

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