Disease, Disorder, Disability – Ditch the “Dis”, With Chiropractic Wellness

It is pretty obvious isn’t it, if anything relating to our health contains a “dis” anywhere suffixed or inserted into the word that describes it, we really don’t want to catch it acknowledge it or suffer from whatever it means. Disease, disorder, disability, discomfort, indisposition; even minor diseases can disable millions of people if and when they are not treated properly. The aim of chiropractic treatment, maintenance and wellness is to ditch that ‘dis’, and not allow it to be part of what we know.

Orthodox medical failures are many – believe it, and there are many types of natural healing techniques which we are ourselves able to deal with alone, believe it or not! For example, I just don’t do sick – full stop; don’t knock it, it works brilliantly for me, and I don’t get sick! But when treatment intervention is necessary, millions of more people are turning towards natural types of therapy. The natural healing climate is currently wide open to experience some serious change. Chiropractors use natural healing techniques and their patients are experiencing stunning success stories with use of this remarkable healing art.

The suffix “dis” when used in conjunction with ease, order, ability; tells us that the normal stasis of ease, ability or order has been disturbed. “Dis” in itself means to insult, disparage, affront, criticize or belittle, so we are dealing with some rather uncomfortable or dis- (here we go again) rupted balances or imbalances in the human body. We also give power to these imbalances in nature by acknowledging words such as “disease”. However, we are not here to discuss the metaphysical aspects of natural healing at this juncture, we are here to discuss chiropractic wellness, although together they have a valid relationship.

Chiropractic takes the dis out of the disease by producing relief from pain, due to the removal of the cause of the pain. Chiropractic practitioners understand the human body and treat it like the fine work of engineering it is. When the human body is not at ease, this is as a result of a departure from its normal functions, and the point is to normalize those functions again.

The central nervous system is based in the majority, in the spinal area and therefore it stands to reason that when the spinal nerves are irritated or injured, this extends to virtually every part of the human body. Whereas an internist or doctor resorts to drugs such as steroids, morphine and even surgery for pain relief, a chiropractor treats the cause of the pain and thereby relieves the problem – drug free.

They have a very distinctive way of tracing pain and this is also their method of diagnosis. This diagnosis makes a great deal of sense as it is based on an analysis of tracing the pain to the site where the spinal nerve roots are involved. It is this mechanical means of faults-finding which makes known the cause of the injury. To restore chiropractic wellness, manipulative techniques are used to correct the cause of injury or impairment. This manipulation thereby completely restores natural normal healthy function to the area of the injury at the root of the spinal nerves.

It is here that the principles of cause and effect become apparent, because doctors and physicians treat the symptoms of an illness. Symptoms of a condition are often mistaken for being its cause; when nothing could be further from the truth because the symptoms of an illness are more often its effect. The human body most often heals completely naturally through the principle of cause and effect.

In this day and age it is sad that the word ‘patient’ has become a more genteel euphemism for “customer”. It is also for this euphemistic reason that when chiropractic intervention becomes necessary; it is also one of the most cost effective forms of treatment in the “patient” industry.

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