What is a Chiropractor?

Fundamental Beliefs and Goals The fundamental beliefs and goals, which is essentially the treatment concept of the Chiropractor, is the non-surgical and drug-free return of spinal mobility back to normality, or at least to substantially improve functionality in their patients. This in turn reduces or completely alleviates irritation and or pressure on the nervous system. […]

Chiropractic Wellness – Examination and Treatment

A Chiropractor examines the function and structure of the spine, to determine what type of chiropractic treatment is appropriate for a patient. This determination is completely separate from any other medical discipline; however, the examination itself is very similar to that of any standard medical examination procedure. For example when low-back pain is the problem, […]

Chiropractic Wellness – A US History

Spinal Manipulation or what we now call ‘Chiropractic’ is by no means new to the health profession. Although might once have been labeled ‘quackery’ in traditional medical history. The American Medical Association even called it an ‘unscientific cult’ which it boycotted until 1987. Hippocrates himself noted it as important in treating illness. This form of […]

Chiropractic Wellness – Case Study; Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a progressive disorder of the brain which manifests in tremors or shaking and muscle rigidity, as well as causing difficulty with movement and coordination, in particular walking. Older people often suffer from this illness, although some 15% of people are diagnosed under the age of 50. The destruction of the substantia […]

Chiropractic Wellness – Improve Bad Posture and Increase Oxygenation

It might be difficult to believe that bad posture is considered to be a health epidemic. In fact this problem is more serious than most people might assume. The spine is the vital structure on which the entire body depends, and has a relationship with virtually every other bodily function. The brain, the spinal cord […]

Chiropractic Wellness – Stabilizing Blood Pressure

By balancing natural systems within the body Chiropractic care has been found to help in stabilizing erratic blood pressure. This seems hard to believe from a practice which involves realigning the spinal bones, but, it is important to understand that by removing congestion in the central nervous system (CNS), this decreases physiological stress responses, which […]

Chiropractic Wellness – Common Complaints and Symptoms

We recently identified common chiropractic complaints; at the time, we did not go into symptoms in any great detail. We would like to share more information regarding these conditions, which are grouped as ‘vertebral subluxation complex’. Relieving the subluxation by Chiropractic spinal alignment often offers excellent results. More often than not, the following common ailments […]

We All Benefit From a Healthy Spine – Chiropractic Wellness

No matter what disease or condition we have, or what age we are – even if we are generally healthy, we all benefit from having an even healthier spine. Spinal health is as important for overall healing as proper nutrition, and generally taking care of our well-being is. Chiropractic spinal check-ups are able to diagnose […]

Chiropractic Wellness – Self Healing the Body; ROS Aging and Disease

The human body is an amazing piece of equipment, it also has an incredible ability to heal itself. In fact this is what the human body has been designed to best. This self healing ability is absolutely necessary as our bodies are in a constant struggle to survive – naturally, miraculously, it withstands many onslaughts […]

Managing Stress – Combating the “Silent Killer” With Chiropractic Wellness

Most of us are aware of the fact that stress is a way of life in some ways. The fact is that symptoms of stress have also been called the “Silent Killer”, and dealing with this problem is often easier said than done. While Rule Number 1 – might be – don’t sweat the small […]


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